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IVT Group Inc. is a leading provider of Bluetooth software and telemedicine solutions with over one hundred invention patents. IVT is the first company in China who participated in the definition of Bluetooth core specification and made outstanding contributions, honored by Bluetooth SIG together with world-class high-tech companies such as IBM, Intel and Qualcomm. IVT’s Bluetooth software , BlueSoleil, has been sold over hundreds of millions copies all over the world.


Since the year 2005, IVT has set up a new medical business unit. Based on the principle of chest pain center, IVT applied Bluetooth and medical related patented technologies to the fields of emergency medicine and epidemic prevention, using IVT’s mHealth System; it aims to comprehensively use 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, cooperate with the hospital to establish chest pain center, stroke center, trauma center, critical maternal treatment center, critical children and newborn treatment center, as well as the new Coronavirus pneumonia integrated management system, and to provide screening, prevention, early warning, emergency green channel, rehabilitation management, follow-up, health insurance and other services for the people, especially for high-risk people.


On March 27, 2011, we helped Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command to build the first Chest Pain Center in China, which was granted Accreditation by the American Society of Chest Pain Centers (ASCPC, now called ACC Accreditation) in the August 2012 using IVT’s mHealth System.


As of today, IVT’s mHealth System has been widely used by over 3000 hospitals, and has saved millions people’s life in China. We have worked with Chinese hospitals in the design of rescue processes and protection measurements of heart attack patients (STEMI), stroke patients combined with the affection of the new Coronavirus. We understand what are needed to protect doctors and people from the new Coronavirus.



IVT developed regional collaborative management system for hospitals, integrating functions of investigationscreening prevention , treatment procedure for the purpose of fighting with the new Coronavirus. The system also includes a platform to provide various protective materials, such as disposable medical/surgical masks (for prevention and for illness alike), infrared thermometer, mercury-free clinical thermometer, sterilized medical disposable protective suit (for ICU and operation room). These products are from our supplying chain with SFDA, CE or FDA certifications, widely used in China when we were at the height of fighting the new Coronavirus.